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25th May 2017

in Business

Lost sale lessons

Posted by James Loveday 25th May in Business

We lost a sale. It happens and it is always difficult to swallow, especially when the reason is seemingly trivial.
What is in domain name

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23rd May 2017

in Denial Of Service

15 reasons why you don’t need a load balancer

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 23rd May in Denial Of Service

OK time for another embarrassing confession, "For the last 15 years has never needed to use a load balancer!" But that all changed when some hacker decided to attack our website.....

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11th May 2017


Leading European research university maintains top-class website with

Posted by Jake Borman 11th May in

One of Europe’s leading research universities, Eindhoven University of Technology, has called on to ensure that its main website - where students, researchers and businesses first interact with the University – is highly available and is fast to navigate.

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20th April 2017

in Load Balancing

What exactly is a Reverse Proxy?

Posted by Aaron West 20th April in Load Balancing

"I don't think we can use your load balancer, because its not a reverse proxy...", said the slightly confused re-seller.

Which got me thinking, maybe I should write a blog about the difference between a Reverse Proxy Server and a Forward Proxy Server?

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7th April 2017

in Business

Great products don’t need to be sold

Posted by James Loveday 7th April in Business

Many people I talk to (my wife included), don’t find technology products particularly sexy. It's a valid opinion, but they are missing the point. They are beautiful not only in their design but the problems which they solve. From the birth of the Web to the Hyperloop, necessity is the mother of invention.

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5th April 2017

in Business

Voice Activated Load Balancing? Could it actually work

Posted by Ben Cabot 5th April in Business

We'd heard the marketing team had come up with an idea for an April fools joke of releasing a product called Enterprise VAL, the voice activated load balancer. We liked the idea but thought wouldn't it be cool if it actually worked? So we built it.

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31st March 2017

in Business

Did you fall for our April Fool?

Posted by Malcolm Turnbull 31st March in Business

After the recent introduction of Enterprise Ultra to our hardware family, plus the recent software update 8.2.4. We are pleased to finally announce our new Voice Activated Load Balancer - Enterprise VAL.

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